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A Good Quality Mattress Makes a Good Night’s Sleep

Premium Quality Mattress by the Mattress Specialists
Nightingales have long been known as songbirds which sing during nighttimes. These humble and beautiful creatures have incredibly rich, sharp and melodious voices, and are also known as Luscinia Megarhyncho, literally meaning singer of the night. Similar to the nightingale, which charms and lulls its audience to peacefulness and serenity with confident crooning at night, our good-quality Nightingale mattress will bring about complete ease and tranquillity to you while sleeping.

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If you’re searching for the best place to buy a mattress in Indonesia, look no further than Cellini’s mattress shops, which are manufacturers and suppliers of the Nightingale premium-quality mattress. Each of these mattresses is equipped with composition of Visco Elastic Memory Foam or Natural Latex. These high-quality materials deliver outstanding longevity and comfort for your mattress, ensuring you get night after night after night of excellent rest.

In addition, every Nightingale Pocketed System is known for its excellent quality, and construction with the world-famous Individual Pocketed Spring, which is the preferred system used by the top spring shops, and international mattress manufacturers and suppliers. Cellini is proud to provide these very good quality mattresses at an excellent price, meaning everyone in Jakarta and across Indonesia can now enjoy a restful, relaxing and serene night’s sleep.

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Cellini is a respected brand delivering high-quality furniture and bedding to homes across South-East Asia. You’ll find our sofas and dining tables in homes from Singapore to Taiwan. We know our customers recognise quality when they see it, so we ensure that each and every one of our products is composed of only the very best materials and are made to conform to the strictest standards.

Take a look at our collection and decide whether or not a Cellini piece is right for you. Any questions can be sent to our office via email at cellini@cellini.co.id or through our contact page.