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Posted: Nov 26, 20
How to Decorate a Living Room with Black
Always making the list of trending colours, black is not only a safe choice in the fashion industry, but it is also a go-to choice in interior design. Beyond being a versatile colour, when used correctly, b...
Posted: Jan 06, 20
Celebrate Contemporary Living and Our Grand Opening
Cellini furniture showroom @ Jalan Sulawesi   Set to open with the new year, Cellini @ Jalan Sulawesi is our 2nd showroom in the east of Surabaya, and with over 20 showrooms across Indonesia. As a home...
Posted: Jan 06, 20
Float Bed for Sleep That Sparks Joy
We know that a lack of quantity in sleep hours is bad, but do you know that the lack of quality sleep can cost you more? A study from Medical News Today revealed that interrupted sleep can impact emotions ne...
Posted: Jan 06, 20
How To Have An Easy Maintenance Fabric Sofa
Your home is a comfort zone for you and your family, with the sofa being the heart of every home. With our busy and active lifestyles, any unwanted stress in the form of a mess should be minimized. In order ...
Posted: Jan 06, 20
In Love With Quartz
LOVE IT BECAUSE IT WORKS Scratch, stain and heat resistant, using a quartz table top is the ideal solution for the everyday use that a dining table sees. Be it hot soup or kids messing around with their cut...