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Radiant Rest Mattress

RAIDANT REST MATTRESS – Boost your functionality
Specially developed for users who fell easily tired and lethargic.

RADIANT REST mattress uses Celliant™, a different kind of performance technology, a fibre that is loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals. Powered by our own metabolism, it is more hybrid engine than textile. Most textiles either trap or vent body heat. Celliant technology goes beyond. It recycles and converts radiant body heat into something that gives the body a measurable boost—infrared energy, which in turn boosts our oxygen levels.

These fibres are natural and effective, never washes off, works through layers, and are proven by scientific trials. In Radiant Rest, these properties paired with ActiPro™, boosts your bodily functions, stimulates healing process, speeds recovery time, and improves sleep quality.


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