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BB232 + MAT026 Nature 13" (SK) - Rp 49,900,000


• SIN KS – W1990 x D2080 x H1025 mm
• SIN SG – W1065 x D2080 x H1025 mm
• JKT SK – W2160 x D2260 x H1025 mm
• JKT SG – W1150 x D2260 x H1025 mm

• Individual mattress for each person’s unique sleeping comfort position
• Each mattress may be adjusted/angled to several positions. Backrest, and legs rest, are individually
adjustable via independent motors.
• A wireless remote is used to control the adjustment, helps to reduce cable clutter in the bedroom
• USB charger at 2.1A, is well suited for the contemporary digital lifestyle

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