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Customised Wall

Customised Wall Features Making Beautiful Spaces from Jakarta to Malang

Make any property feel more. Cellini provides a selection of high quality wall features from our showrooms across Indonesia. Here is a part of our collection where function definitely follows form. Our range of features is made from a variety of materials, including various timbers, aluminium and plastic, ensuring that the new centrepiece of your space is thematically and aesthetically coherent with the rest of your property. Add colour to an already warm space or enhance the modernist feel of your contemporarily-styled home with our selection.

Extending any décor to every corner of the room

Flexible, versatile and changeable, our collection lets you transform your entire home or office. Ensure that your vision for your property is completely realised and leave your mark on every part of your home. Treat your property like a painting – shape your space and influence where people’s eyes fall and linger, and how they act, sit and sensorially experience the environment. Discover a more elegant, beautiful way of living when you shop with Cellini.
Many of our wall features help you personalise your home and show off what makes you and your family unique. Our BLANC wall mounts are a great way to display some beautiful plants, treasured photographs or small works of art in an asymmetrical, bold and daring frame. Whatever atmosphere you’re trying to create, make it a reality with Cellini.

Match our customised wall features with our furniture range for a complete transformation

Sophisticated, contemporary and modern living is just a click away. Cellini is one of the leading homewares and furniture suppliers for homes across Indonesia. Whether you’re in Jakarta, Pekanbaru or Papua, you’ll be able to access high quality, master-crafted sofas and kitchen furnishings and from a Cellini store in your area.
Find your local showroom with our store finder and see our range in person. Any questions? Send us a message via email at or through our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.