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SF 9442


• Mod. A – W280 x D950 x H600 mm
• Mod. B – W1300 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. C – W650 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. D – W1000 x D1740 x H800 mm
• Mod. E – W1000 x D1000 x H800 mm
• Mod. F – W1377 x D1377 x H800 mm
• Mod. G – W1950 x D1000 x H600 mm

• Modular system allows to configure from small to big configurations to suit the space.
• The armrest design allows things to be stored inside, or placed on top as the surface is in durable HPL.
• It can serve the function of a side table, which is equally useful in a small or large space.
• Adjustable head/back rest allows for the sleek look when not in use, but gives backrest support when opened up.

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