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quality1Design & Craftsmanship
The quality of craftsmanship and the distinctiveness in design can be seen in the details of every Cellini product. Each piece is a work of art sculpted from wood and metal, every aspect of the manufacturing process a careful exercise in quality control; joints are engineered to fit snugly and securely, curves are fluid and forms well-executed. In Cellini, the rare combination of old-world passion and craftsmanship meeting modern technology and design, indeed works. When all the parts are in place, a masterpiece is created.

Integrated Manufacturer & Retailer
Design, craftsmanship and product quality are only part of the Cellini Design story. As a fully integrated furniture manufacturer and retailer, Cellini has an obvious edge over other furniture stores when it comes to meeting customer-specific needs and requirements. The company is one amongst a few in the region to integrate several different facilities under one roof, such as metal, solid wood or veneer fabrication, panelling, sewing, upholstery and spraying. Cellini operates its own in-house melting and casting facilities for aluminium and brass, a zinc phosphate pre-treatment line for metal, an electro-static powder coating line and complete sofa-making facilities for both fabric and leather-upholstered sofas. A speciality is Aluminium Alloy Sand Casting – Cellini’s forte since its inception.