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Celebrate Contemporary Living and Our Grand Opening

Cellini furniture showroom @ Jalan Sulawesi


Set to open with the new year, Cellini @ Jalan Sulawesi is our 2nd showroom in the east of Surabaya, and with over 20 showrooms across Indonesia. As a home-grown Singapore furniture brand since 1986, Cellini is committed and passionate in craftsmanship, with a strong ethos of “Made in Cellini”. At Cellini, exquisite designs and timeless furniture are produced, with the heart of excellence in every piece of Cellini furniture designed for the modern day living.

More than just objects, furniture make up the essence of every home. Experience the spirit of living and luxury with Cellini’s range of home furnishings for your living room, dining room and bedroom, specially designed for the savvy homeowners of today. Meet our latest arrivals and innovations in furniture – Grande motorized recliner leather sofa, Bolda quartz dining table set and Float motorized recliner bed.

Grande motorised recliner leather sofa

Show off the grandeur of your living space, as Grande leather sofa is modular and you can fit it in proportion to your home.


Bolda quartz dining table set

As a paragon of beauty and boldness, Bolda quartz dining table has the attributes worth appreciating in simplifying daily living.


Float motorised bed

Sparking joy with every sleep on Float Bed, accompanies with its smart USB charging ports and motorised recliner features on the head and feet.


There is so much in life worth celebrating with contemporary living!

Join us with our grand opening of Cellini @ Jalan Sulawesi showroom, we have coffee and cake, as well as exclusive perks that will ensure everyone goes home happy and satisfied, after experiencing Cellini furniture for yourself! Rest assured as we have ample parking space for everybody!


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