7 Tips To Note For A Great Sleep!


A significant number of us suffer from poor sleep quality. A quick poll by our instagram followers showed that most of our followers (a whopping 80%) do not even sleep more than 7 hours a night as recommended by medical experts. Granted this poll is hardly a medical study, but we know a major contributor to poor sleep quality, aside from stress, temperature, lighting and lack of exercise is the firmness of the mattress.

This is why doctors and chiropractors often recommend a medium to medium-firm mattress to promote better spinal alignment, posture and wellness. This is also the reason why Nightingale mattresses are all medium-to-medium firm.

A quality of firm mattress

A firm mattress such as the Orthopedic Master mattress by Nightingale allows the sleepers to recover and rejuvenate naturally while optimally supporting the spine. Afterall “There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause “- Dr D D Palmer , the father of chiropractic.

Lighting matters

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There is an inverse correlation between brightness and the quality of sleep. This is also why aircrew around the world insist only on hotels that provide effective black-out curtains. Without which, the crew members are unable to obtain quality sleep and overcome fatigue and jet lag.

Source for trusted curtain companies that provide good grade black-out curtains.

Pro tip - Blocking out light from the environment is no easy task. Insist on allowing the curtains track to overlap and request to construct a pelmet to ensure effective coverage.

Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated oils derived from plants which evaporate easily. They not only smell good, but may be beneficial. Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint have been traditionally employed to calm people. That is why spas and massage therapists use essential oils to help their patrons relax. Put a few drops under your pillow or in a diffuser and slowly allow the pleasant scents to diffuse throughout the night.

Ambient noise

Moving away to a quieter location may not be possible for city folks, but changing your windows to one that has noise insulation properties may be a possible solution. Double-glazed windows allow the air-conditioner to work more efficiently by keeping cool air in. Best of all, it cancels the engine roar from the first bus at dawn.

Ideal room temperature

Many of us sleep in air-conditioning that is far too cold. The initial joy of tucking under the warm sheet in a super cold environment may seem attractive. However, the sleep is often interrupted in the middle of the night due to the body being uncomfortable due to the freezing temperature. The ideal temperature that the human body should rest in is 22C. Afterall, adjusting the air-conditioning temperature is a small step you can take to combat climate change.

Pro tip - wearing socks allows the body to retain warmth in an air-conditioned room. Try it!

Exercise Timing


Studies have shown that exercise immediately prior to sleep increases the heart rate and consequently body metabolism. This is counter effective when you are preparing for a proper good night’s rest. During a night’s sleep, the heart rate slows by 20- 30% (because it needs to rest too).

As such, it is best not to exercise 2 hours prior to sleeping time.

Mobile devices and Blue light exposure

In this fast-paced society, we sometimes try to rush a last email before turning in. We are also guilty of reading or endless browsing on our mobile devices. The over exposure to blue light harms our eyes and over-stimulates our eyes prior to sleep.

The mobile device emits an excess of mobile ions which disrupts our sleep quality. This is why Nightingale’s Seville Lux mattress has antistatic properties which assist to dissipate the excess ions from our bodies, allowing the body to revitalise naturally.

Turn off the device before sleep if possible. Tell the boss the email can wait :)

The market offers many mattresses touting to be the best. Retailers may also be incentivised by the various mark ups to sell a certain model or brand over another. It is also a common market practice to rebrand white label OEM mattresses as their own. Nightingale is Cellini’s mattress range, made in our very own factory. Book an appointment or contact us to commence your incredible sleep experience soon!

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