Soothing Your Back In Style: Choosing Sofa Styles For Optima

Often, we are unaware that back pain is caused by an uncomfortable sofa. Find out here about sofas: the solution to back pain

The Marble Lookalike: Why Quartz Cuts An Impressive Dining

Discover durable, non-porous, easy-to-clean Quartz Stone furniture—a beautiful alternative to marble!

Japandi Style Unveiled: The Fusion Of Eastern And Western In

At its core, the Japandi style is a captivating fusion of two rich design traditions: Scandinavian and Japanese. 

The Latest Interior Design Trend: White Chocolate Minimalism

Confused about decorating your home in a simple yet modern and elegant way? Let's take a look at the "White Chocolate" Minimalist style here.

Unveiling Elegance: Cellini's New Furniture Arrivals For You

Designed to alleviate the quandary of what furniture to buy for your new house, Cellini’s furniture packages are the answer to your interior dreams.

Menikmati Kenyamanan Duduk di Sofa KORUS dari Cellini

Cellini selama ini dikenal sebagai perusahaan furnitur. Setiap produk yang dipasarkan selalu dirancang dengan mengutamakan kualitas tinggi dan desain menarik.

Cegah Stres & Tingkatkan Kebugaran lewat Matras Nightingale

Tiap orang setidaknya menghabiskan 8 jam per hari untuk tidur. Memilih kasur atau matras terbaik menjadi hal krusial.

Yout Ultimate Guide to Retro Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is super versatile but with all interior design ideas and schemes, restraint is still required. Given its signature look and feel

Ways To Shop For Your Home With Health In Mind

Did you know that the shape and form of your furniture can have a significant impact on your mental health, which, in turn, affects your overall health?

The Eduring Appeal of Wooden Furniture

With its warm touch, using simple wood elements in a space can elevate the appeal of an interior

4 Ways to Ace Biophilic Interior Design

Biophilic interior design is more than just a trend—it's a philosophy that brings the tranquillity of the outdoors indoors

Styling Your Home According To 2023 Interior Design Trends

One of the biggest interior design trends is taking inspiration from the captivating beauty of the natural world, fostering a deeper connection to the outdoors.

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