Best Mattress Buying Guide In Indonesia


An impeccable bedroom design that makes jaws drop or a restful goodnight’s sleep, whatever it may be, there is no denying that specific elements in a bedroom have their unique ways of impacting our lives. Usually, when we talk about interior design, aesthetic aspects such as design trends and decorating styles take up the bulk of the conversation. But there is one piece of the puzzle that many of us do not pay that much attention to – our mattresses. And believe it or not, it has physiological effects on our bodies. But if simply getting a Queen-sized mattress that fits your fancy new bed frame won’t do the trick, how then do you choose a mattress that checks all the boxes on your list of needs?

Not to worry. Choosing the best mattress in Indonesia can be a challenge at times, but it is not impossible. With many brands putting a spin on the creation and configuration of their mattresses, the choices out there are aplenty. From varying models to features, it is crucial to decide on the best fit that balances comfortability, durability, functionality, and cost above all else. 

Find the best mattress for your bed with our detailed buying guide, so you always have a comfortable space to find respite and sink into for the perfect slumber. 

But First, Why Is Having A Good Mattress So Important?

We are recommended to get approximately 7 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Now, if we were to take a step back and relook our daily routine, those few hours translate to about one-third of our entire day! Helping you achieve good back health by reinforcing good sleeping posture and facilitating uninterrupted snoozes so that you feel well-rested in the morning, a good mattress is a must-have.

But how do you determine which is the most appropriate mattress for yourself? Do you need a latex mattress that offers pressure relief and body contouring capabilities? What is the ideal size if you’re sharing bed space? Is there an optimal firmness rating that you should look for depending on your weight? How do you search for a mattress that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet? 

We understand your concerns! Let us take you through the details.

What Should I Consider When Buying A Mattress? 

Essentially, the best mattress should be one that meets your preferences so that comfort is not compromised. More often than not, this cannot be achieved if the basic conditions are not met. When looking for the ideal mattress, consider the following: 

1. Size

Based on the size of your room, existing bed frame and whether you share your bed space with someone else, you’ll want to decide on the ideal mattress size that will give you enough flexibility and room to stretch out during the night. Common mattress sizes include:

  • Single 
  • Super Single 
  • Queen 
  • King 
  • Super King 

2. Sleeping position

Although everyone has their own unique slumber style, there are a few different positions you’d generally favour over others. Decide if you are a back sleeper, side, stomach, or a combination of any of the three. Since all mattresses have different ways of endearing to different types of sleepers, you’ll want to choose one that is best suited to your position group and provides comfort, bounce, and mobility so that you can adjust positions with ease.

3. Firmness

The most important yet complex to comprehend – mattress firmness. Rated from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely firm and 1 being extremely soft, finding the ideal firmness level is very subjective. However, firmness is not to be confused with support. Regardless of where your preferences fall on the firmness spectrum, you’ll be able to find a supportive mattress that sets your spine in an even line. 

4. Texture

This might come as an afterthought for some but to others, it’s relatively important. You may have noticed that some mattresses come with seams and patterns, providing a different “feel” than other options. If you are sensitive to textures or prefer such features, this might be a factor you’d want to look into.

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