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No master bedroom design is complete without a comfortable bed mattress. In Indonesia, master bedroom designs often incorporate a sturdy but fancy bed frame as well as a cosy mattress to give one the rest he needs after spending a day out.
But where can you go to buy a mattress for your home in Indonesia that is of superb quality?

Cellini, of course!

Whether you are looking for a king size mattress or even a super single one, Cellini, a homegrown furniture store in Singapore, provides various sizes. We offer queen size mattresses, single mattresses as well as other sizes in-store and on our website in Indonesia.

Browse our mattress collection in Indonesia now.

Since you are browsing our mattress catalogue, why not consider a bed and mattress set instead? Take a look at our catalogue in Indonesia here.

Importance Of A Firm But Comfortable Mattress For Your Bedroom

It’s easy to find a quality mattress for sale when you browse our catalogue in Indonesia. But why is it so important to buy a sturdy mattress?

Here are 2 reasons why one should also bear quality in mind when wanting to buy a mattress in Indonesia.

Firstly, flimsy mattresses that do not provide support for the spine are some of the key culprits for lower and upper back pain. In the long term, this could lead to inflammation.

Health aside, a firm mattress feels much more comfortable than one with poor support. You would want to wake up feeling fresh instead of achy! After all, the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation.

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